Nature Bats Last Nature Bats Last is the most radical show on the radio. Hosts Kevin Hester and Guy McPherson get to the root of relevant issues facing society.

September 2, 2014  

Guy starts with two stories beyond the mainstream as he goes solo for the first time on Nature Bats Last. The first story, from yesterday on, is by Nicholas C. Arguimbau: "Who Owns The Nukes If Wall Street Owns The Government? Maybe it’s Time To Take Back The Government."  The next story from appeared at and, although I picked it up at where it ran yesterday under the title, "Ex-NSA Director, US Intelligence Veterans Write Open Letter To Merkel To Avoid All-Out Ukraine War."  This episode's Doomer of the Week comes from the Facebook in a message to me from Dave Warren in the Washington, D.C. area. Lindsay Morrison does her typically stellar job Breaking Hopium with her brief description of "the fall" from instinct into the psychological pain of "free will."  Calls are welcome during tonight's show as Guy interviews Pauline Schneider about her efforts to document Guy and his work. Schneider has created a film and more products are in the works.  The show wraps, as usual, with a brief update about climate change and a comment from Facebook's Near Term Human Extinction Support Group.

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