Nature Bats Last Nature Bats Last is the most radical show on the radio. Hosts Kevin Hester and Guy McPherson get to the root of relevant issues facing society.

February 23, 2016  

Guy and Mike entertained calls from listeners on this week's show. Topics ranged from local to international, and included abrupt climate change, human behavior, the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, American Geophysical Union, and the methane situation at Porter Ranch.

February 16, 2016  

This week we visited with Doug Peacock, a prolific writer who lectures regularly about wilderness and veterans issues. He served two tours in Vietnam as a Green Beret medic, trying to preserve life on the edge of the battlefield. He came home an emotional and spiritual wreck. With the publication of Edward Abbey's The Monkey Wrench Gang in 1975, Peacock became a hero not only to other veterans, but to a nascent contingent of environmentalists. Peacock was the subject of a feature film about grizzlies and Vietnam called Peacock’s War. The film premiered on PBS Nature, and won the grand prizes at the Telluride Mountain film and the Snowbird film festivals. You can read more about Peacock at his website,

February 9, 2016  

We were joined this week by journalist, filmmaker, and graphic designer Leighton Woodhouse. His print stories have appeared in GawkerThe New RepublicVICE NewsThe NationSalon, and The Awl, and he has produced short documentaries for The NationStory of Stuff, and Participant Media. You can read more at We finished with our customary update about the ongoing climate-change predicament

February 2, 2016  

This week Guy and Mike are joined by independent journalist Cory Morningstar as they discuss and analyze the words of prominent writer Naomi Klein, author of the 2014 book about anthropogenic climate change, This Changes Everything. Thanks to our listeners for providing examples, and also for calling in during the show. Guy adds a brief climate-change update.


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