Nature Bats Last Nature Bats Last is the most radical show on the radio. Hosts Kevin Hester and Guy McPherson get to the root of relevant issues facing society.

November 24, 2015  

Mike and Guy visited with Canadian Paul Marcotte at the mud hut, where Paul is visiting. We took a few calls from listeners as we discussed climate change, COP21 in Paris, and myriad other topics.

November 17, 2015  

On today's show we speak with Paul E. Fallon. Paul is an architect who designed healthcare facilities for 32 years. In May of this year Paul left his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts and began riding his bicycle to the 48 contiguous states, He asks people along the way, “How will we live tomorrow?” So far, he has travelled over 8,000 miles, visited 25 states, and asked hundreds of people his question. He writes about his travels and the responses he receives at

Plus we get another extensive climate update from Guy and another good rant as always.
November 10, 2015  

This week Guy's extensive climate-change update was intermingled with calls from listeners. Mike and Guy discussed money, empathy, electric cars, commodifying women, imperialism, and Guy's recent camping trip.

November 3, 2015  

Mike and Guy speak with guest Jeriah Bowser. Jeriah has spent the past decade in his career as a wilderness therapy guide and outdoor educator, as facilitating rewilding experiences for other humans has proven to be deeply meaningful and healing for his own journey. While he shies away from labels, Jeriah is strongly influenced by anti-civilization anarchism, primitivism, deep ecology, neoluddism, animal and earth liberation, anti-modernism, ecopsychology, Jungian depth psychology, radical therapy/antipsychiatry, logotherapy, animism, taoism, and wildism. 

Also we discuss the National Geographic Explorer show with Guy and Bill Nye.


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