Nature Bats Last Nature Bats Last is the most radical show on the radio. Hosts Kevin Hester and Guy McPherson get to the root of relevant issues facing society.

October 28, 2015  

Today's show we have a climate update from Guy and guest John Feeney. 

John Feeney, Ph.D., writes about the fundamental drivers and historical underpinnings of the global ecological crisis. His work has appeared in the BBC's Green RoomThe GuardianThe Canyon Country ZephyrThe Oil Drum, and elsewhere.

October 20, 2015  

This week we called out climate scientists and pundits for their misinformation and half-truths. Among others, we took aim at James Hansen, Michael Mann, Bill McKibben, and Naomi Klein. Listeners called in with cogent questions, too.

October 14, 2015  

This week's episode was an unintentional call-in show. We started with a climate-change update from Guy and transitioned into several calls from listeners.

October 8, 2015  

Following an update on the topic of climate change, Mike and Guy took several calls from listeners. Topics ranged widely in a format we intend to use approximately once each month.


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