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September 5, 2018  

Today’s guest on Nature Bats Last is author Vanessa Blakeslee;

“Vanessa Blakeslee has been the recipient of several awards, including the 2016 IPPY Bronze Medal in Literary Fiction and the 2014 IPPY Gold Medal in Short Fiction. With her latest collection of short stories, Perfect Conditions, Blakeslee will likely add another award to her collection. Perfect Conditions is, in a word, lonely. The characters that Blakeslee creates are as complex as they are interesting. The one commonality that all of the short stories in this collection seem to share is that the characters are all lost in some way or another. This theme not only ties the stories to each other, but it also relates to the reader, as it is true to the human experience.”
Vanessa will be writer-in-residence this fall at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in Oregon
The Studio played a short podcast interview with Vanessa from “Last Born in the Wilderness” podcast;  

July 5, 2018  

In this week’s episode of Nature Bats Last, host Kevin Hester discusses two recent articles written by  Professor Andrew Glikson from the Australian National University about the release of methane in the Arctic and the downplaying of the risk from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
During the show we played a recording of Kevin Hester making an oral presentation to the Ministry of Environment in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

The show and corroborating links will be uploaded to my website after it is uploaded; 

June 6, 2018  

Today’s guest on Nature Bats Last is Professor Paul Ehrlich. Professor Ehrlich and show host Kevin Hester discuss the unfolding Ecological Armageddon and the book “The Annihilation of Nature” co-written with Anne Ehrlich and Gerado Ceballos.

May 2, 2018  

Today’s guests on Nature Bats Last are Dr Sandra Kahn and Professor Paul Ehrlich co-authors of the recently released book “JAWS: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic”.

April 4, 2018  

Kia ora from Aotearoa N.Z.

Today’s guest on Nature Bats Last is evolutionary biologist Professor Guy McPherson, professor emeritus from the University of Arizona. Professor McPherson’s website can be found at  Additional information and videos can be found at Professor McPherson’s You Tube channel Nature Bats Last
Corroborating evidence and associated links pertaining to the show will be posted on the show hosts blog at KEVINHESTER.LIVE under the title “Professor Guy McPherson connecting the dots on the Sixth Great Extinction”.

March 8, 2018  

Today’s guest on Nature Bats Last is award winning staff reporter Dahr Jamail.

Dahr has reported extensively as an un-imbedded journalist in Iraq, he covered the Deep Water Horizon spill in the Gulf and in recent years concentrated on the climate crisis.

Dahr’s personal website is


February 7, 2018  

Today’s guest on Nature Bats Last is Dr Andrew Glikson, earth and paleo-climate scientist , visiting “Fellow at the Australian National University”. Many scholarly articles written about and by  Dr Glikson can be found at like this; 
This episode and additional corroborating evidence will be published at my website KEVINHESTER.LIVE

January 3, 2018  

On today’s episode of Nature Bats Last on PRN.FM  my guest was U.S. Environmental Lawyer and activist, William Bibb who has practiced for fifty years helping people and victims of careless corporations and individuals. “We are all victims now of corporate greed in a system where profits are placed above the rights of the individual, safety, and the environment.” Bill is  a graduate of UCLA and Southwestern College of Law in Los Angeles and is in private practice in San Diego, California - Encinitas. Bill  took Environmental Law back in 1976. He was a member of the Environmental Law Section of the State Bar of California and is currently the President of a Non-Profit Corporation that serves as a Petitioner in California Environmental Quality Act cases. 

November 8, 2017  

Todays esteemed guest on Nature Bats Last was Professor Paul Ehrlich, author of over 30 books and numerous peer reviewed science papers. We had a wide ranging dialogue about the unfolding 6th Great Extinction, the nuclear implications and the multiple failures of the Trump regime’ in Puerto Rico.
Paul’s recent science paper on the unfolding biological annihilation is embedded in the below link; 

Never forget Nature Bats Last

October 4, 2017  

In today’s episode of Nature Bats Last on PRN.FM new host Kevin Hester interviews the shows founder, Professor Guy McPherson and they discuss the unfolding catastrophe in Puerto Rico, the failure of the Trump administration to mobilise successfully and the nuclear threat from these extreme weather events.
Also discussed in detail was the recent article from Global Research about the Biological Annihilation that is underway as the sixth great extinction proceeds “Faster than previously thought”.
Many thanks to Gary Null and the production team PRN


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